Southwind Labradors
Puppy Purchase Agreement

Breeder and Purchaser have entered into this agreement to sell/buy a Labrador puppy. Total price to be agreed upon.

Deposits are $300 and are non-refundable. Your name will go on a waiting list when we receive your deposit along with your choice of gender. If the litter does not produce enough of the gender you are looking at, we will refund your deposit or transfer your deposit to a future litter. Puppies will be chosen in order of the deposits received. The Breeder reserves the right to return the deposit and cancel this agreement at any time before the final sale.

Health Guarantee Puppies born on our property have parents that have been cleared by OFA on Hips, elbows and they are also clear from EIC, PRA, RD/OSD and CNM and have been eye OFA CERF. This prevents any hereditary defects that may be carried over to your puppy. Although, there is still a small probability your puppy will result with a physical defect, we provide a written guarantee against genetic hip or eye disease for your puppy’s first 30 months.

To validate your puppy’s health, Purchaser has 72 hours from the pick-up time to have the puppies health checked by a licensed veterinarian. If a disorder is detected, a signed statement by a licensed veterinarian is required as proof. Seller has the right to seek a second opinion from a Veterinarian of their choice.

The dog’s hips must be x-rayed between 24 and 26 months of age by an approved veterinarian, and x-rays sent to OFA for examination. If the dog was certified to be dysplastic, the owner must submit proof in writing from OFA.

The dog must not be used for breeding or if the dog is used for breeding or has been bred before beingapproved by OFA, the guarantee is void.

The dog must have its eyes examined by 1 year of age by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist must state in writing that the defect is definitely of a hereditary nature and is not caused by injury or illness.

The Buyer agrees to care for, feed, exercise, provide necessary veterinary care for, and look out for the puppy’s/dog’s best interest at all times. The dog must show no evidence or symptoms of abuse,neglect, improper nutrition or injury.

The dog must not have been transferred to any other person or entity.

Seller’s Restrictions

Seller always retains the right to first pick of every litter.

This is a non-breeding registration and can be changed to a regular American Kennel Club (AKC) registration only by the breeder of record. Limited registration means that this animal cannot compete in confirmation shows but can compete in obedience and field events. Any offspring of the animal are not eligible for AKC registration. The seller promises to register the litter with AKC using the limited registration option. The buyer is to name the puppy using “Southwind” in the registered name.

Purchasers Rights If the dog is found to have a genetic disorder and all conditions of the certificate are met, then Southwind Kennels will replace said puppy with a puppy of similar breeding if available at no cost to Purchaser. (All shipping costs to be paid by Purchaser) If the puppy is replaced by a puppy of a different breeding with a higher price, Purchaser will pay the difference between the original puppy price and the new puppy price. The original puppy will be returned to Southwind Kennels.